Education Links

Write to Ride — It takes only a few minutes to write a letter, but those few minutes can make a big difference. When members of the House of Representatives or US Senate receive enough letters on a particular issue, it does influence their vote. Unless they hear from you, many legislators may not be aware of how strongly their constituents feel about a particular issue. Your words can sway them and help them to understand why an issue is important to the folks back home. Here are some suggestions on what will give your letter the greatest impact:

Five Steps to Freedom — In order for us to become effective in our endevors we must educate the biker community as how to work within the legislative process. This process can be as simple as registering to vote or how to run for a political office and win. We have simplified the process into five steps. These are the basic guide lines on how to get involved and to what level you wish to proceed.

Precinct Process — Here is a quick guide on how to participate in the Precinct Process. What you need to know in order to fully participate in the election process.